Staff Ranks


Essentially, an assistant for the Owner and Developer of the server on assigned tasks. The admin will mainly assist with issues outside of the game, such as plug-ins and staff management, but may be asked to assist a manager in-game on special case issues. Coding experience for plug-ins would be preferred for applicants seeking this position.


Oversees the Player Moderators and Helpers. This person will be asked for feedback on Player Moderator and Helper appointment, and will be an important resource for Player Moderators and Helpers to come to for any in-game issue they cannot handle on their own. This person would also assist for any in-game issue if no other staff is online, and can reverse Player Moderator decisions if needed.


Moderators are to assist with in-game issues between players such as griefing, trespassing, harassing or offensive language, hacking, server abuse, and encroachment cases. Player Moderators can ban players, plus take all the actions a Helper can. Player Moderators can also reverse Helper actions if needed.


Helpers will be the most interacted with staff by players. They are responsible for managing the in-game chat, answering general questions and keep the chat clean. They will explain the server and server rules to all players, and welcome new players.


This is a player that has proven great skill in building structures and game types. They will assist the Admins, Developer, and Owner in designing new dungeons and game types, and may also be called on to re-design prior structures and dungeons. Creativity in both structure and game types is a requirement. While we have many talented builders on the server, only those that can create both structure and game-types (dungeon ideas, parkour, puzzles, and so on) will be chosen, so proof of your work will need to be submitted and reviewed before you are approved for this position.


As a member of the staff team, you represent the server and are expected to remain mature in all situations and treat all players with the same respect. Views should not be biased when issuing penalties and any abusive comments or behaviour towards any of the players on the server will not be tolerated. Failure to comply with these rules will result in demotion.

Staff Members

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