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81 Thursday 16th of August 2018 11:12:55 PM

Hello guys!

We have some plans to allow people to get a custom title.
You can request a custom title on our website (link below)

The price of these custom titles will be €10,-
We want to make custom title somewhat more unique

use if you happen to have one.
And of course, you are supporting the server.

Your custom title will be added to the buycraft store for anyone to purchase.
You will keep your custom title for a lifetime.
It will also be added later to our title plugin.

you can use or the new page to request your custom title.



60 Monday 6th of August 2018 11:18:41 PM

Sorry for the delay in the 1.13 update / server switch.
Like we've mentioned before we are waiting for our plugins to be updated to the latest version.
You won't see lots of changes because we are working very hard to make the new host as ready as possible for the switch.
This will mean lower ping for almost everyone that actively plays on our server.
Since we got 2 new Admins we see no problems in releasing more dungeons once we are in 1.13.

As for the ranks we've noticed that they are quite cheap for the amount of perks and items you get with them.
Thats why we will be bumping up the prices quite a bit for the ranks on our store.
So if you want to buy a rank the best time would be to buy one now.
Later on we will also be adding perks like a Premium job to Elite and higher, and creative world access to Herobrine.
Also if you have suggestions for any kind of ranks feel free to share them in the #Suggestions tab

We've heard your calls for the prefixes like Farm-Cult etc.
That's why we are currently slowly changing configs to allow us to implement a prefix store.
And also for this if you have suggestions feel free to share them in the #Suggestions tab


59 Tuesday 31st of July 2018 01:33:18 PM

Staff Rank Updates

So we've been brainstorming about the ranks ingame and outside the game.
We kinda needed some people to be the new Admins but not really ingame without too much confusion.

We've been thinking about a possible solution for this by using the following new ranks.
Ranks are in order from highest to lowest in terms of staff rank.

Owner -> Dev (Developer) -> Admin -> Manager -> Mod (Player Moderator) -> Helper

Owner and Dev speak for itself.

Admin - Chosen by Owner/Dev
Will be a rank that doesn't have to deal with ingame issues but can deal with them if a Manager doesn't know what to do.
We will provide the Admin with the tools and certain tasks which they can do for us outside of the game within a reasonable timespan.
Basically an Assistant for the Owner/Dev.
For e.x Tell him/her about a certain plugin and let them make new jobs that we want so that we can focus on some more important things.

Manager - Chosen by Owner/Dev
Will be someone who deals with InGame issues that mods can't solve or help with (Unless no other staff is online).
This person can be asked for their opinion by Mods on a certain issue to help or assist the mods in taking the correct action.
But they can also guide and correct Mods if they make a mistake or do a bad thing.

Mod - Promoted from Helper by the communities choice (through a poll)
The fullname of this rank is Player Moderator.
And it does exactly what is in the name. It deals with issues between players and assists helpers if they need help.
They can also correct helpers if the make a mistake or do a bad thing.

Helper - Promoted from Helper by the communities choice (through a poll)
Answers general questions from people that are on the server.
Try to keep a good mood in the chat

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