Economic Survival Server

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Server Description


Heey you!

Yes you! Do you want an RPG? We got Jobs and McMMO. Do you want friends? We got a friendly community and helpful staff! Do you want to fly? We got /fly in a flipping shop!! Do You want OP items? It's in the flipping shop too! Do you want to be staff? We can do that- well you have to qualify... But you can try. Want a cookie? Come and join us on Discord and maybe someone will mail you a cookie.  Join our friendly Minecraft server today and enjoy the free perks and progression it has to over while making new friends.


Essentials, BossShop, Jobs, Clearlag, Mythic Mobs, GriefPrevention, Pex, Votifier, Wilds, Worldedit, Vault, RewardVoting

Server Statics

Automaticly Updates!